Festival 2017

(re)plan(t) our future

Recycled Creativity Festival vol.9 - a moment to stop, time to confront ourselves with our own waste, an opportunity to get out of the pink shiny social media bubble to meet and exchange with people like you, searching for the roots, redefining the purpose, future and alternatives of the wasted and forgotten materials, and sharing tips and tricks on how to get closer to achieving the challenge of the wasteless life.

Using sustainable lifestyle and green consumerism as an excuse, we have given up own voice, and therefore shifted own responsibility to those who seem to be lost in the halls of power, doubting climate change, pollution and, probably, planet Earth in the first place. There is a little reason to believe that the shiny sustainable lifestyle and green consumerism is gonna save the world. Bio bananas in an upcycled textile bag from the local designer shop will not erase the footprint we have already left in our oceans, woods, rivers and bodies.

We have a lot ahead us - not only to upcycle all that waste lying around, but also to take an action and stop disposable packaging, foodwaste, find the way out of this waste society. Breaking the habits and upcycling the system might sound radical, but the only time we have is now.

There are many questions, but few answers. This year Recycled Creativity Festival for the 9th time will bring together thinkers and doers, trash lovers and craftivists, artists and community spirits for 3 days festival to explore, how to lay foundation for the bright future using what we have and what we know. And after all - time to exercise our hands and minds, empower ourselves and the community!
(re)plan(t) our future!

We need your help!

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We are looking for volunteers in the areas of gastronomy (bar, food) kids corner, workshop assistance, decoration, general logistics and awareness team. Please send an e-mail to volunteers@recycledcreativity.de containing your name, phone number, preferred working area and temporal disposability.
We are looking forward to meet you!


DIY and hands-on, discussions and experience sharing : strategies, tactics and techniques to (re)plan(t) our future.
Thu 21.09. 17-22, Fr 22.09. & Sat 23.09. 14-20 o`clock @Wagenburg Lohmühle

food for soul, eyes and ears: bands and solo, DJ sets and performances
Fr 22.09. & Sat 23.09. 14-22 o`clock @Wagenburg Lohmühle

Cinema, Kids program & Tasty
Thu 21.09. 17-22 o`clock, Fr&Sat 14-20 o`clock @Wagenburg Lohmühle

Sun. 22.09. / 20h - Edelweiss (Görlitzerstr. 1-3, 10997 Berlin)
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The Workshops will take place at this times:
Thu. 21.09. / 5-8 p.m.
Fri. 22.09. / 2-8 p.m.
Sat. 23.09. / 2-9 p.m.

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Lockpicking with Sportsfreunde der Sperrtechnik

Lockpicking with Sportsfreund Frank of "Sportsfreunde der Sperrtechnik". We will explain the legal framework, show some techniques of opening locks in a non-destructive way and implement what we've learnt under expert guidance: By opening many locks for fun! You're welcome to bring your own lock, too - recycle it!


(Re)plan(t) our future - creative text writing with Loesje

The ambassadors of freedom of speech have been with the Recycled Creativity Festival since its birth. The collective, mostly famous for its international Human Rights and peace building activities and black and white posters with positively critical slogans, are crafting posters on the topics of the Recycled Creativity Festival, (re)plan(t)ing our future, so come and join them!



This year, there's going to be be a new space at the festival: The ParlaTENT.
A haven for political discourse, storytelling, music, relaxation, cuddles, tea-drinking and with a baby corner to play at. The ParlaTENT offers room for heated discussions and chill out music alike.
BTW: We got the tent from our friends at MaterialMafia and saved this beauty from ending up in a landfill.

Dreamcatcher workshop - Open crafting session

Create your own beautiful and healing dreamcatcher. If for personal use
including your private power stones, symbols and souvenirs or as a special gift with memories. Or simply as a beautiful decoration item.

Natural cosmetics

Easy handmade cosmetics with bicarbonate of soda ("Natron"): Make your own deospray, tooth paste or shampoo with our simple receipes. We will also discuss the worst ingredients of conventional cosmetics and learn what bicarbonate of soda is made of and what is it good for.

Bacteria Bar by Edible Alchemy

Come down to The Bacteria Bar to discover new tastes and a peak into the microbial world of bacteria, yeast and mold! Edible
Alchemy opens up the bar for passers-by to try a probiotic (living) shot of kombucha, ginger-beer, water kefir and beyond and have a chat about the magic of fermentation and the health benefits, history and tastes that come with it.
Drinks: donation based, bacterial cultures and zines for sale

Sharing Sambung Nyawa mit Leila

Nikolai, from the sharing-project Leila, explains the simple steps to your own home-grown Sambung Nyawa farm. Sambung Nyawa is a healthy plant. Let's create a community that shares resouces and important knowledge/instructions to plant the common future we love.

Urban hives, knowledge exchange on urban bee keeping

Open discussion and harvesting results of the Kulturlabor Trial&Error e.V. strategical partnership around bees & democracy for the next 1,5 years. Join the honey tasting and find out more about youth work and urban beekeeping!

Papp-macheee Workshop mit Artistania

Make magic beasts, masks and bring other fantasies in life!

Urban Embroidery

Open space to connect recycling, urban interventions and grandmas skills, bringing street art to another level!

Short movies with Perpetuum Mobile

Colourful fiction film program from independent short movie festival from Belarus.

Permacultur reloaded, presentation and Discussion

Is community supported agriculture only for privileged ones? what does it mean exactly, to be sustainable? to buy bio or plant yourself? these and other questions will be addressed in the discussion with Firas Sabbagh.


Swapping instead of shopping - join the community meeting point and place for solidarity economy, Project of Kulturlabor Trial&Error initiative "Recyclingbotshaft in Rickardkiez", supported by Soziale Stadt.


Optical Toys

Learn more about toys from 19th century, toys which are not only fun, but also played an important role in the history and development of cinema and photography. Come and make your own zoetrope, thaumatrope or flipbook.

Worm cabinet with Kids and Adults

Gaia Cabinet, is a movable furniture that contains worms and food waste. It aims at teaching children on how prevent and recycling food waste, the importance of the life cycle, growing food, eating healthy and connect with nature.

Bookbinding workshop

Papka is an alternative to publish books. We are binding books out of diffrent materials like cartoon, old stuff, posters etc. The content of the books are published under creative commons licence. In the workshop you will learn tecnics to bind a book out of the materials we find, that you publish soon your own book.

Collage and fanzines

Craft new content and form from old newspapers, postcards and other paper rests with Max!

Painting with flowers

Learn how to make own pigments and let nature colour Your day in the workshop with Anne Charlotte!

Project For A Better World

Exhibition, discussion about sustainability, DIY Manga and short movies

ReFashion Workshop

Either trashion, DIY punky screenprint, or earrings from vintage lace - ReFashion is there to network, get their hands dirty, and bring You with towards the bringht sustainable postcapitalist future!


All these artists will play at the 24. of september at Lohmühle (Lohmühlenstr.17 / 12435 Berlin)

The Hans

Punk's last straw. A tall, beardless, tattoo-free guitar-person with leather jacket. Famous
for playing from the liver and from the heart.


In her energetic sets of transnational bass, duaba transcends the boundaries of genres and cultures. Through electronic reinterpretations of traditional cultural property she provides access to unknown connections between musical narratives of the world. The wild and loud fusion of afro kuduro from angola, baile funk from brazil, soca and dancehall from the carribean, nu-cumbia from colombia and much more, shows how globalization can and should work: 1world, 1love, 1bass



Atmospheric, spacy, revolving, airy and intense deepness in all sounds are some of the characteristics of this Peruvian DJ and producer. Mezkalito is based in Berlin and has influences of many rhythms and styles of electronic music. The main purpose of his musical performance is to explore the vast space of sound-imagination.


Erico Falcone

Thought experiments on electronic mind. Acid drenched beats, sci-fi erotica, Detroit, esoteric house, analogue cinematic freak-out, deep funk meets altered states on darkwave disco jam.


Cielo-Faccio Orkestar

Cielo-Faccio Orkestar is an autonomous, spontaneous, musical and artistic project. We play Balkan Beats, traditional songs from the south, swing, ethnic and latin music, intertwined with entrancing improvisation.



We want to invite you to our lovely after party
Sunday the 24th of September
Edelweiss (Görlitzerstr. 1-3, 10997 Berlin)
from 8pm until you can still dance.


Loesje Berlin

The ambassadors of freedom of speech has been with the Recycled Creativity Festival since its birth. The collective, mostly famous for its international Human Rights and peace building activities and black and white posters with positively critical slogans, are crafting posters on the topics of the Recycled Creativity Festival, (re)plan(t)ing our future, so come and join them!
FB: Loesje Berlin

Wagenburg Lohmühle

At the ticking heart of alternative Berlin, Wagenburg Lohmühle is the home and an inseperatable part of the festival. Community living in wagons in environmentaly sustainable ways, it does a great job with community work, urban gardening as well as enriching Berlins cultural life with such events as jazz and punk concerts, film screenings, neighbourhood flea markets and more. This year the community brings the festival support with location, technical equipment and solar power, bar with refreshments and all other important things to make the festival happen. 

Kulturlabor Trial&Error e. V. 

Trial&Error is Berlin based collective of artists, cultural workers, craftivists, doers and activists. They have shared interests in DIY culture and craft, non-formal education, open design, reuse of waste and open source culture. They are looking for ecologically and socially sustainable ways to live in the city and to activate local people to participate. The area they are working in Neukölln has amount of social and economical problems due to unemployment, immigration and poverty. Trial&Error is one possibility for locals to take part in neighborhood activities and strengthen community in sustainable way. 


Genious artist and reliable webmaster, who gives a hand in all the web things.


ReFashionReFood is a platform and festival for sustainable learning and exchange, bringing people together to find fun and manageable tools to empower ourselves in an overwhelming reality. An inter-disciplinary, non-profit collaborative project, triggered by global environmental and social imbalances, presenting DIY micro-solutions for macro-problems.



campaigns for the modern age of reduction. For resource and energy conserving lifestyles - not only as an individual approach, but as societal mainstream. For sufficiency - on the personal and political level.


Ideas, contributions, general questions

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Call the team: +49(0)15781969196



Lohmühle (Main Festival Location)
Wagenburg Lohmühle / Lohmühlenstrasse 17 / 12435 Berlin

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